Ayurveda-The science of life

Originated over 5000 years ago, Ayurveda has been the heart and soul of Indian culture and traditions. The Manuscripts of Vedic Sages, prepared after years of observations and meditation are considered precious even in the new era of Nuclear Science. We can say beyond doubt that the eminence of Ayurveda will pass on through the upcoming generations indefinitely.

The cause our ailments ay have changed over the years, but the approach to heal the imbalance is same. Ayurveda inculcates that by getting to the root cause of all our concerns, we will be able to properly address these concerns and find the suitable remedial measures. Modern market is infiltrated by the products that offer instant gratification, but they never cater long term benefits. Ayurveda Stands out from these futile touts. It upholds a nature-oriented lifestyle, incorporating the essence of herbs and other natural elements, that works to nourish and protect our body, rather than resorting to synthetic ingredients that offer only temporal benefits.

Blend with nature, To open the gateway of a supreme ecstasy& enlightment.

Integrating both ancient knowledge and modern science, active botanical ingredients are carefully chosen by Aura Earth to create highly effective products, which are precisely formulated for the wellbeing at cellular level.

We are meticulous about our work. We let our ingredients speak for themselves, in their purest form. Thus, the quality and standard of our products are unrivalled. Charaka, the father Ayurveda once said. “Ayurveda is the most sacred science of life, beneficial to humans both in this world and the world beyond.”

Aura Earth follows this principle and dreams about the wellbeing of the whole world, through Ayurveda- The science of life.