ORIGIN OF Aura Earth

Aura Earth is the brainchild of passion, experience, and expertise; Passion towards nature, Experience in Business, and Expertise in Products. The mentors, once set out in search for the perfect essential oils for their own uses, and when they couldn't find any, they decided to make it themselves. They had a vision, to serve the same essence of nature they discovered, with the rest of the world. They got into communication with like-minded people, who inspired them to convert their passion into a business, servicing the global demand for natural and nature-derived products. This Passion and collective Vision, extended to the retail market, lead to the formation of Aura Earth.


To become the most popular global brand for people seeking natural oils, herbal & floral extracts, and other and nature-derived Lifestyle products for home and personal care, by providing the best quality possible, with unparalleled regulatory support.


Aura Earth aims to bestow the World and the People with the fruits of our persistent efforts in harmonizing Nature and Science, which is destined to grant the ultimate exultation of the body and mind.

the difference

The brand Aura Earth is an offspring of passion towards the essence of Nature. We offer only pure natural and nature-derived products, certified by recognized organizations. Our products and quality are approved by many major Global Firms. Aura Earth is the result of our desire to bring the same quality products to the Consumer-level, at the best prices possible, without compromises in Quality.

Our Product range includes a very wide Variety of Natural Oils and Herbal and Floral Extracts and related Lifestyle products for daily uses, like home care and personal care, all of which are studied and scrutinized by our R&D Team in terms of their applications and Quality on a Daily basis. Also, we are certified by Multiple Quality-Assurance Agencies of Global repute. We have an efficient and fully equipped Quality Control System to ensure that only the best products leave our facility, and our backward integration towards the farmers in India who cultivate the aromatic plants, ensures that our Country and its undervalued population of farmers also share a part of the Love we receive from you, safeguarding their welfare as well. We integrate Ayurveda and cutting-edge technologies to hand craft products. Thus, We are dedicated to serve for a healthy mankind.

Quality Standards

We at Aura Earth believe in the power of Mother Nature to augment the human life. Quality of our products has always been our top priority as several natural oils are known to be possessing amazing ability in Treating both the physical and mental ailments of humans and other life forms on earth. Thus, we intend to do this with no compromises in Quality and utmost passion, which is why we have a Centrally Monitored QC System with most modern Equipments for ensuring the Quality.